Friday, 4 April 2014



It’s Friday again!  Not that it’s anything for me to get particularly excited about, since I’ve worked Saturdays ever since I can remember..but still!  I have Friday’s off which is a little annoying because everyone I know is working, but good for the blog as I use it as a catch up day.  I plan to write up a few posts in advance, then start reading my favourite blogs and checking out some new ones.  My boyfriend and I were hoping to go and see Noah tonight but we’ve just had to pay for our new passports so our bank balances are feeling rather deflated right now, boo.

Anyway, on my face today I’m wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanilla, an old favourite of mine that gives good coverage and has a slightly dewy finish that’s not really shown in the photo.  My favourite MAC shade Impassioned in on my lips, I love the bright pink sheen and doubt there will be anything other than this worn all through summer!  My mascara of choice lately is Maxfactor Masterpiece Max, I use it on both top and bottom lashes and I don’t use a lash curler either so what you see in the photo is just the work of the mascara alone. 

I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing, if you happen to be going to see Noah do let me know if it’s worth the hype! (I will still go see it anyway – Russell Crowe = enough said). 





  1. Love the lipstick, great pop of colour and suits your skin tone so well! I had to renew my passport recently too, £80 for it! But it's worth it to go on holiday :)
    Rhiannon xx

    1. it's so expensive! Have to tell myself that it's worth it in the long run! xx

  2. WOw what a beautiful make-up look, lovely flawless base and great lip colour xxx

  3. I really want to see Noah! Looking purrrrrrdy, your lashes look amazing! :O xxx

    1. ...still haven't seen Noah :(! & thank youuu :D xx


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