Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OOTD | topshop parka & stripes

coat:Topshop, top:H&M, jeggings:H&M
Hello!  It feels like I haven’t posted an OOTD for a very long time, I guess I have been focusing a little more on make up lately (read: spending more money on).  This is just a simple thrown together outfit that I wore today when my boyfriend and I took the dog for a walk.  The weather was actually really lovely and warm so we made the most of it and strolled through the woods and countryside near where we live, we both finished work early today and long walks are one of the best ways to forget about the stress of the day.  And oh boy was it a stressful day!  I’m a pretty quiet person so if there is any drama going on at work, (most days there is something, and being in HR you literally can’t get away from it) I try to let it go over my head and stay out of it, but it still gets you down.  Walking is perfect for winding down again, and things such as chasing my dog away from rolling in a big pile of horse poo really puts things in perspective..!
Anyway, the coat is really old but I love a good parka and I’ve never found a nicer one, so I will be wearing it for a while yet.  The jeggings from H&M are THE comfiest trousers ever, the are really really soft and apart from the fact they have no zips, you cannot tell that they aren’t denim skinny jeans.  They cost £14.99 which is a bargain, so I’ve since gone back and bought a black pair too.  I would recommend sizing up though, I tried on my usual size 10 and they wouldn’t go over my bum, so after little meltdown, much swearing and a vow to never go near Dominoes Pizza again (as if), I reluctantly sized up and they fit perfectly.  I have found that H&M sizes do come up smaller than most other shops, but then again I may be kidding myself here.. who knows!
That was almost a lifestyle kind of post – posting about my day and then my work?!  I never thought I could write anything even remotely personal on here but there we go! xx



  1. No I agree, H&M sizes are teeny tiny! I have to buy two or even three sizes bigger sometimes, what are they trying to do to us? Sorry you had a stressful day, work worries suck! Glad the walk helped, dogs do take your mind off things (even if it's by doing bad things like attempting to roll in poop!) xxx

  2. I love this coat, and the jeans are v cute! I can't fit into my normal size at H&M so d/w I feel the same with most of their clothes xxxx


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