Friday, 14 March 2014

MAC Impassioned | review, swatches & pouts




This slot is usually reserved for a Face of the Day type post, but this has my face in it so it still counts I think?  I had to dedicate a whole post to the little beaut that is MAC Impassioned, the colour I have been searching for all my life (or since 2 weeks ago, whatevs).  Lately I have been embracing the pinks more than usual, and I have been on the lookout for a red toned one rather than the blue toned ones which I don’t think suit me.  There is a great choice out there at the moment, pink definitely seems to be the favourite for this spring/summer, but for me MAC Impassioned is the exact shade that I have been looking for.  It is a bright (but not too bright) coral pink with red tones and a creme sheen finish.  Also is it just me or do MAC lippies smell really good?  Like candy or something?!  Anyway.. it is soft on the lips and leave mine reasonably moisturised and not needing to top it up for a good few hours at least.  As we all well know, MAC isn’t a budget brand but in terms of quality I think their lip sticks are worth the £15 and stand out from other brands because of their pigmentation and great colour pay off.

Do you have Impassioned?  Have you got any recommendations for similar shades? xx



  1. This is such a pretty shade, so perfect for the sunny weather we've been having lately. The finish looks lovely too! Can't believe I haven't tried a MAC lippy yet xxx

  2. What a gorgeous shade, perfect for the spring / summer! :)

    Lovely photographs and blog!

    Laura x

    1. PS. I really like the eye makeup in the last photo! X

  3. I definitely think they're worth the price, and this is a beautiful colour. I love your make-up here & this colour really suits you, perfect for Spring xxxx

  4. stunning shade and looks so pretty on you. love your eyeshadow too :) x

  5. I have this one it really is a suit all shade since i'm mixed race with an Indian type skintone.

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