Friday, 31 January 2014

FOTD Friday #3

Hey!  This is a bit of a crappy FOTD, since it was taken on my phone and clearly the quality isn’t great!  But I didn’t have time to get any proper photos done so I took a phone selfie quickly against my bedroom wall.  Incidently, my wall looks that bad for a reason, which is that I’m in the middle of redecorating it and it’s currently in the awful in between stage where I have stripped all the old wallpaper off but haven’t got round to painting it yet.  I almost fainted when I was looking around at paint, the cost of a small tin is something like £20 and I want two different colours so I’m pretty outraged at the DIY industry right now!  I want the main colour of the walls to be a cream colour, with a feature wall (lol at me being all ‘Changing Rooms’…remember that?!) in a gorgeous plum/red colour that I’ve seen.  I also have a new dressing table arriving on Monday, although I work all day so knowing my luck I will miss the delivery and have an arsey little note stuck through my letterbox! 
So anyway, apologies for the appalling photo but it was an honest one!  I am hoping that it will stop raining down here next week long enough to get some decent photos in natural light, I’ve been wanting to get some decent photos of my Naked 3 palette in action for days!
Also, I have a giveaway here at the moment, make sure you take a look!  xx



  1. Paint is SO expensive. Why? Haha yes I remember Changing Rooms, if them people came and did my house up I would cry...most of them looked like brothels or something. Not that I would know what a brothel looked like. Does anyone even say brothel now? Seems old fashioned. Um anyway, enough talk of that haha! Hope the sunshine appears because I want to see some looks from the Naked 3! xxx

  2. just had to let you know your brows look amazing here! so jealous xx


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