Friday, 30 August 2013

What’s In My Handbag?

Hey :)  I have had this post planned for a while, but only just got round to taking the photos.  But of course, since then a whole load of these posts of popped up and I’m now something like the 3498598726th person to do it! 
Nevermind!  Here it is anyway… the contents of my bag.  I have recently acquired a second hand Louis Vuitton bag which I am using, but this bag I’m showing you is the one I use most as it is the one I use for work.  It is from House of Fraser and it is a gorgeous coral colour and it’s very big with lots of compartments.  I usually get bored of bags pretty quick and love replacing them but I am still in love with this bag as much as I was on the day that I bought it.
My favourite thing in my bag is my organiser from Paperchase.  I bought it recently when I got my new job in Human Resources, and I think it is really cute and every day it reminds me how lucky I am to have progressed from the freezing cold shop floor to the nice warm office!  That sounds pretty sad I know, but believe me after four years of code checking and knowing too much about yoghurts I was more than ready to move onwards and upwards (I started working after my a levels, and went on to college instead of uni hence why I have been there for so long already). 
Next there are my make up bits and bobs, I don’t take very much with me as you can see!  The main problem I have is the dreaded shiny t zone so the powder is there for touch ups, and it has a handy mirror in it too.  There is also a No.7 Lipgloss and another by Barry M, both of which I love as they were cheap but have a lovely high shine finish, perfect for work. 
My iphone is there of course…complete with owl phone cover!  I don’t particularly think it is the best case ever, but it reminded me of Hedwig from Harry Potter 8-)
Hand gel, well that explains itself really doesn’t it?!  And the Impulse body spray because my perfume is too heavy for my handbag really, so this is great to use every now and then, it smells nice and fresh, and not cheap like some body sprays that you can get! 
My pencil case is another recent addition that found its way into my bag when I got my new job.  I LOVE stationary so buying a new pencil case and filling it up is fairly orgasmic for me, and I take it home every day because I’m really precious over it and worry that if I leave it there it will disappear or some of my beloved pens will go missing!  I’m not particularly suspicious of thieves or anything, I’m just weird about doing certain things like that.  Locking and re-locking the office door is another one.  Help?
My keys have a little mousey keyring that I have had since I was about 14 years old.  Bought by a boy who I liked for bloody years but it was the strangest set up ever and I don’t think we ever went out (raging hormones galore at age 14, the smallest things seemed to be the biggest dramas, it was a simpler time), so I have kept it ever since!  The other keyring is from my amazing trip to the Harry Potter studios, it is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, and believe me I could go on for days about that so I’ll stop right there.
Lastly, there are my iphone headphones.  These come everywhere with me, I really do not know what I would do without them on bus journeys etc.  Currently I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s Applause like  the crazy fan girl I am, and also Bloodhound Gang because they make me snigger and they’re disgusting songs are just so damn catchy!
So there you go!  If you have a post like this then leave me a link, I looooove being nosy and having a look at what people have in their bags! xx


  1. I love your pencil case, it's so cute :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. gorgeous bag! x

  3. Sweet organiser! I'm the same with my pens too... :) xx

  4. Oh my goodness you bag is gorgeous! I have a bit of a thing for stationary too! 😊 Xx

  5. Love posts like this! Your bag is gorgeous, the prettiest colour xxx

  6. I think I actually love this bag! It's gorgeous. Loving a bit of hedgwig as well :)
    Kirsty x


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