Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Products I’ve Used Up #1

Hey!  My Blogging has been a bit hit and miss lately, but I have a few posts planned now so hopefully I’m back on track!  This is my first post that features products that I have recently used up, I love reading these kind of posts myself so I saved up my recent empty bottles and took some photos of them ready to write about for you! 
Clean and Clear Cleansing Lotion
I repurchase this all the time, it is my favourite cleanser by far and I cannot see myself trying anything different for a long time.  I have tried hot cloth cleansers, creamy cleansers, make up wipes (I know, I know – don’t shoot me) and nothing has got rid of my make up or generally cleaned my skin like this has.  It is water-like in consistency and is pale blue in colour, which reminds me of something you might find in a hospital for some reason, and it has a smell similar to sanitizing hand gel etc.  As soon as I put it on my face I can feel it working, and it leaves it feeling so so clean and fresh and I just know that my skin is thoroughly clean after.  I used it once after having already used a hot cloth cleanser to remove my make up because my skin was left feeling greasy, and I was really quite shocked to see how much make up that was still on my face that came off on the cotton wool pad with this on it.  I cannot recommend this enough, it is ideal for sensitive skin and it is under £5 too! 
Moroccan Treatment Oil
This was my little sample bottle that I picked up for £9 in my hairdressers.  I have loved using it and dreaded it running out because I know how much it will cost to replace it :(.  I have noticed a difference in my hair since I’ve been using it; the ends are much softer and easy to manage, and looks generally thicker and healthier.  My hair is very damaged at the ends and I stupidly thought that this would automatically solve the problem, obviously it doesn’t but I like to think that it is helping to improve the overall condition of my hair, and to look at it definitely appears in good condition even if it isn’t!  I would love to repurchase this and one day I will, but right now I cannot afford to spend £30 on the full size bottle so I will be going back to some Lee Stafford Argan Oil that I have that got neglected when I bought Moroccan Oil. 
L’Oreal Gentle Eye Make Up Remover
I enjoyed using this product and this was the second repurchase I made of it.  It gets my eye make up off quickly and the main thing for me was that it was ideal for sensitive skin and didn’t hurt my eyes at all.  For now I am going to continue to use my Boots Botanics eye make up remover, but I don’t have anything bad to say about the L’Oreal one at all.
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Ahhh a nice example of me buying something because every other blogger seemed to have it!  This was a very good mascara that really did make my lashes look great, and the colour was a lovely deep, bold black.  It seemed to dry up fairly quickly and it was a bit of a bitch to remove, but overall it was up there with my favourites.  The only problem I have with it is the price!  I love Benefit make up, and I will (fairly) happily pay to replace my beloved Sugarbomb blusher, but £19.50 for a mascara that is good but no better than my favourite MaxFactor ones is a bit much, so for now it will have to remain on a wishlist!
Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Treatment by John Freida
I have had this for such a long time, because I often got fed up with it and switched to something else!  The idea of the product is to spray it on before styling and it minimizes frizz (something which I suffer with ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME), and I found that some days it worked, and sometimes I wouldn’t notice anything at all.  Weird I know, but that’s just how it was for me!  I will probably shop around for something else next time, although the oil I have been using lately has helped me a lot (full review of that another time)
Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream
This is a lovely cream, it made my skin feel silky soft and wasn’t even slightly oily or clogging, which is something I’ve experienced in some other night creams I’ve tried.  This will definitely be a repurchase, although I might try another product in the range and has some anti aging properties or something. 
So there are the products from my first Empties post!  Have you tried any of these products?  What will you be repurchasing this month? xx



  1. I totally agree about the Benefit mascara, it's amazing but the price is ridiculous! Xxx

  2. I really want the Moroccan oil, it's so expensive though. Trimming your ends is the only way to get rid of them really :/

    Water Painted Dreams


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