Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review | Clinique Even Better Foundation

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Hey everyone :)  I thought that I would do a review of my latest foundation, Clinque Even Better.  I bought this a few weeks ago after trawling for what felt like ages through reviews of different medium/full coverage foundations, I watched a fair few You Tube reviews and also read through tonnes of reviews on Make Up Alley as well as obviously looking to see what other bloggers thought.  It’s not a foundation that’s been doing the rounds all that recently, unlike say Silk Creme or something, but I chose this as I had read some very good things and at £22 it cost a little (although not too much) less than some other foundations I have tried. 
I bought this in the shade ‘fair’, for obvious reasons!  It is a great match to my skin, if a little warmer than my tone but it is very blendable and looks perfect when it is all on.  It is a medium buildable coverage I would say, and one of the things that I love most about is that it covers redness really well.  I get redness in the areas around the sides of my nose spreading onto my cheeks, and annoyingly very little covers it completely; I end up having to layer on concealer and this works temporarily but it also breaks me out.  This foundation thoroughly covered these problem areas, admittedly I did have to put a little more product on than the rest of my face, but overall I am really impressed that the redness is covered and no extra powder or concealer was necessary! 
The finish of this foundation is a lovely dewy glow, which is just what I have been looking for for so long!  It leaves a lovely silky, dewy look that manages to stay clear of looking at all greasy, and on top of that it isn’t cakey at all and it feels so light and weightless.  Basically it is like my skin but better, which is what we all want from a foundation I think!  The photos don’t really show the finish well, but believe me it is lovely and worth every penny! 
I will definitely be using this up and when it’s gone I will repurchase it – this never happens with foundation, I usually look forward to trying a new one every month or two, as bad as that sounds!  There is also a claim (I can’t actually remember if I read it on the box or online) that this foundation will also help to improve the overall look of your skin over time, but having only used this for a couple of weeks and also using other skin care, I can’t really say whether this is true for me or not-if I notice anything in the meantime I will be sure to update you! 
The coverage is ideal for me over the summer, it is medium so it gives me a great base but it is also light and doesn’t feel like it’s just sinking in to my pores.  I highly recommend this, especially if you like to have more coverage but are looking for something a little lighter for the summer.
Have you tried this foundation? xx 


  1. Looks gorgeous and natural on you!

  2. Oooh that foundation must be good, you look like you've been air-brushed!! :)



  3. Great review! It looks lovely on



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