Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Make Up Storage


Hey!  So I thought that I would share my make up storage with you today, I have seen a fair few blog posts like this but everyone else seems to keep their make up on dressing tables etc so I thought I would show mine which is all kept in the bottom of one of my wardrobes!  Until recently, all my make up was in a right mess, it was spread out all over the place and there was no order, just my every day make up shoved into a make up bag so I decided to get organised and this is the result.  I have got a dressing table but I have decided to display all my jewellery on there, which is a post for another day! 
The basket is something that I picked up in Wilkinsons.  It was cheap and it was a lovely bright blue colour so I thought it would be ideal for putting all my bottles in, e.g fake tan, hair care and body lotions.  The good thing about putting these things in there was that I found a lot of stuff that I either never used or had pretty much run out, so a lot got thrown out and suddenly I had a lot more space! 
The same goes for my make up.  I picked up this set of plastic drawers in a sale at Sainsburys, they were a bargain at £9.99 and ideal for organising all my different bits of make up.  I separated everything into drawers so there is a space for face, eyes, nails etc and again I found a LOT of stuff that I’ve had for such a long time that needed to go so I’ve found that my make up collection has shrunk a hell of a lot.  Maybe this is an ideal excuse to go out and buy some more?  Perhaps not, I’m actually really happy with the products I have right now and need to stop spending so much, so no more nice new things for me just yet! 
These two storage containers are both kept in one of my wardrobes, which is probably usually used for shoes, but my shoes are kept in another one so I made use of the spare space and I’m really rather pleased with myself..!
How do you store all of your make up? xx



  1. oooh so jealous of your collection!! :) great storage tips though.. <3 i need to organise mine!

  2. I wish I had a lovely way like this to store all my makeup and beauty products! I must invest in some soon!
    Megan xxx

  3. woah that is a lot of make up and a lot of storage!

    Samantha xxx

  4. You're so organised! Mine is all crammed into a drawer xxx

  5. Fun post, I'm really nosy and love seeing how people store their products!


  6. Amazing post! Some brilliant ideas for storage

  7. I just love your photos! So big and vibrant. I'm a new follower, and hope you will follow back!

    xx, Gina

  8. Wilkinsons are excellent for storage, looks like you've got it sussed! Great post x x x

  9. You have a lovely colection there! I do like taking a peek at other folks make up :)

    I get my storage from Rymans, their acrylic boxes are pretty large, deep and most importantly, way cheaper than Mujis!




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