Thursday, 14 February 2013

FOTD | The day my hair got chopped off

FOTD: The day my hair got chopped off

Hey everyone!  So yesterday I went to get my hair cut and merely asked for a trim and a bit of a side fringe to be put in (that you can’t really see in the pic).  As many people know, and as I clearly forgot at the time, hairdressers usually have a different idea of what ‘trim’ means.  To me it just means cutting the ends of my hair to get rid of all the split ends and make look tidier.  But yesterday I sat with my heart breaking as I saw about 4 inches of my hair fall to the floor!  I wanted to cry but being very British I was all ‘Yes thank you it looks lovely just what I was after’ and so left with a nasty strained smile on my face. 
However today I have awoken after a long evening of contemplation (I was at work so naturally my mind was on anything but work), I have decided that it’s not as bad as I thought, it’s just a bit of a (huge) shock to see so much gone after having it long for such a long time.  It looks much better in a ponytail now for some reason, and my hair drying time has been halved which can only be a good thing.  I have no choice but to live with this for now, but the look is growing on me slowly!
I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day whether or not you are in a relationship! Use the day to take advantage of all the extra chocolates that are available, something I am a firm believer in. I have had to postpone our Valentine's Day because I'm off out photographing a wedding (schelduled post alert) xx

Sarah x

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  1. Haha yes, I think we're all very British at the hairdressers...I don't think I've ever left a salon feeling happy with my hair! Yours looks so gorgeous though, looks so healthy! Remember it's only hair and it'll grow back...that's what I tell myself after every self inflicted hair 'mare xxx


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