Wednesday, 19 September 2012

10 day Challenge | 9 Loves

9 loves
1. I clearly didn’t think this through… I included some things I love in yesterday’s post, oops!  But anyway, I love my friends, family, boyfriend and my pets.  That’s a standard answer I think, and I’m not the most emotional person out there but I had to put them up here first! 
2. I love that the only person who has the exact same sense of humour of me is my best friend.  Sometimes I try and explain something funny that we did/said to someone else, and they don’t understand and stand there with a straight face, and this makes it even funnier.
3. I love reading.  Historical fiction is a favourite, with Phillipa Gregory’s The Boleyn Inheritence being my favourite so far.  Harry Potter is another favourite, like I mentioned before!  And I also love reading non fiction like crime biographies and other odd things like that!
4. I love horror films, which sounds a bit morbid!  But I’m not a psycho, honest!  I generally prefer older horrors because back then they were all original, whereas today there are loads of re-makes or films that have pretty much the same story line as classics.  My favourites recently though have to be the Paranormal Activity series!  They are the best ghost films I’ve ever seen and prove I think that you don’t need a ridiculously large budget to make an effective film! 
5. I love walking but I don’t do it enough at all.  I went on holiday this summer and went walking nearly every day and loved it.  There are some lovely places to walk around where I live, and now we have Rocky I guess I have no excuse not to go!
6. I love / hate my hair.  I love it because it’s the longest it’s ever been and the condition of it has improved slightly compared to a while ago.  But I hate it because on a windy day it just gets a mind of its own and blows all over the place, even if I have put a load of hair spray on it, and also because it takes AGES to dry, whether I blow dry it or let it dry naturally!
7. I love food.  Which is a slightly obvious thing to say because we all need food, but I tend to like bad food unfortunately : ( Pizza is my ultimate downfall, followed closely by Indian takeaway!  As well as this, I work in a supermarket which is total temptation for me and I give in nearly every day without fail!  I REALLY need to get me some self control.
8. I love blogging!  I definitely don’t blog regularly enough, because I’m so disorganised and terrible at organising my time! I love reading blogs too, and get inspired by bloggers’ make up and style posts every day.
9. I love painting.  I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but I do love it and I love sketching people.  I used to spend loads of time drawing pictures of various famous people I loved!



  1. I love pizza too! I always seem to be in the mood for pizza, it's not healthy! x

  2. I love horror films too! Have you seen Insidueous? (Sooo spelt that wrong haha!) Scared me so much. I promise this is the last you'll hear from me today aha xxx


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