Tuesday, 14 August 2012

NOTD: We’re All Crazy Now

Heyy everyone!  I don’t do ‘Nails of the Day’ posts very often, but I had to show my nails with Topshop’s Red Alert (unimaginative name I thought!) along with some silvery rings I have.  I was pleased with how my nails/hands look today because I usually forget to put my rings on and only remember when I’m out of the house, which results in me feeling annoyed with myself for ages and grumbling that my hands feel naked.  The photo doesn’t actually do the nail colour justice, the red is much brighter in real life like a deep blood shade.  I am not one for being subtle usually, and my rings are no exception!  The skull one is from Topshop (old), the thumb one is from Asos and the rose one is from a market stall.  I have really bony hands which are out of proportion with the rest of my body, so I find it really hard to find rings that fit me well.  The only one that fits properly without being loose is the rose ring, and the only shop where the ‘small’ size actually fits me is Claire’s Accessories but obviously I’m not going to confine myself to just buying rings from there!  The two rings on my left middle finger were gifts from way back when I was a tweenager, they no longer come off and hardly ever go with what I’m wearing, but I can’t imagine ever not wearing them now!  Well this was a long, rambling post, sorry!  I’m off to work now where I will inevitably get told off for having bright nail colour on, be told to get it off, and then sneak off and put some gloves on.  Happens every time.  Have a great day whatever you’re doing! xx


  1. GOrgeous deep shade... love the rose ring too!! x

  2. I love your rings, they're all super cool x

  3. Love the rings and polish doll:)
    Found/following your awesome blog through BLT Blog hop.
    Sara xx

  4. Your nails look so cool! Deep red is my fave nail colour ever xxx


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