Friday, 6 July 2012

Beauty Post Friday

Heyy, here goes my first beauty-related post in absolutely ages!  Quite a short one today, but the next ones will be longer as my camera will be charged up and I can take as many photos of as many different things as I want!  But anyway, all I'm posting about today is a product that (according to two different magazines) Jennifer Aniston uses under her eyes that is both ridiculously cheap and used for loads of other things too - Vaseline :O!  

Apparently Jennifer puts 1/4 of a tablespoon of Vaseline under her eyes every night to keep them moisturised and also to prevent wrinkles.  As much as I love Jennifer Aniston (she's my favourite in Friends :) ), I still find it quite hard to believe that with all her money and how good shes looks for 40+ that she relies solely on a £2 pot of Vaseline to take care of her eyes!  I'm sure there MUST be something else involved, but there is no doubt that this cheap little product is an all round budget wonder.  I have always had some of this in my make up bag, it is of course great for keeping your lips soft and moisturised, I've been known to use a tiny bit of it as a highlighter on my cheeks when my skin looks dull, and I even put some on my eyebrows just before I pluck them because for some reason it seems to make it easier and less painful.  Since reading about Jennifer Aniston's Vaseline secret, I did buy myself this rather too big pot from Boots, even though I had to suffer my boyfriend's unfunny jokes about it (you can imagine..), and I have been using some under my eyes every night.  I know I hopefully have any wrinkles yet but there's no harm in taking precautions anyway!  If nothing else, my eye area if really soft in the morning and looks brighter, although this doesn't count for the rest of your face because if you put it anyway else it just looks greasy and may cause a breakout!  
Well that was a bit long winded considering I said it was going to be short, so if you made it this far then thank you and well done! :) xx



  1. I cannot live without Vaseline! I've only ever used it for my lips though, that's a great tip from Jen Aniston (although I agree...she's gotta have had a little extra help!) and I've never considered using it as a highlighter but I will now! Saves me money, was thinking about buying one haha xxx

  2. I do the same with using it before plucking my brows, it does help! :)

    I'm gonna try it under my eyes and see what I think :) I agree though - I adore Jen, but theres no way she hasnt had a little extra help somewhere along the way!


  3. great post Sarah..
    Found you through blog post..
    following you hope you follow back..

  4. I use this on my eyes all the time. :)

  5. Great post! Found you on the bloghop and now following


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