Wednesday, 27 June 2012

OOTD: Dark Side of the Moon

Top: H&M £5
Trousers: River Island

Top:River Island via a Charity Shop £3.50

Hey everyone, I've so far stuck to my only-buying-from-charity/thrift-shops thing for a whole day!  Technically the first top was from H&M, but it was in the sale and I've wanted one of these kind of tops for ages now.  I love sparkly/ glittery things but you can't always get away with wearing these styles day to day, but I think this t shirt is perfect as a casual top that has that little extra sparkle.  

I came across the second top in a charity shop and it got my attention because I've never owned anything with these kind of sleeves before.  At first I was a bit doubtful and didn't think this style would suit me, but I'm glad I bought it (I knew all along I would) because it's again something a bit different that makes a day-to-day outfit slightly more dressed up.  If that sounds right?!

Apart from shopping I have been reading the book that EVERYONE else seems to be reading right now, 50 Shades of Grey.  As someone who understands that I will NEVER find a book to top the Harry Potter series, I started reading it without any expectation of liking it.  I'm halfway through now, and it's definitely not the most well written book in the world (FAR from it) but it's fine for just a casual read over the summer (as casual as you can get from an 'erotic' novel) and anyway it's hard not to slightly like Christian Grey ;) heheh xx



  1. These tops are lovely, I especially love the second one the sleeves are so nice! I've read that book too, everyone I've spoke to all agree that it's badly written and has no real story to it but none of us could put it down. We couldn't understand why! Are we all just pervs haha xxx

  2. I love your hair like that :) x


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