Monday, 25 June 2012

Charity Shop Promise

I have decided that enough is enough-I've spent waaaaay too much money lately on clothes that I don't really need or even in some cases don't really want.  I'm always on a budget yet somehow, being the weak girl I am, I carry on buying clothes that are not worth the money or sale clothes that I wouldn't look twice at if they were not in a sale!  So as of today, I'm officially limiting myself to Ebay and Charity/Thrift Stores until I win the lottery or something similar.  Apart from the obvious money saving that can be done in these stores, I actually really like going shopping for clothes there as you never know what you are going to find and you are also helping a good cause at the same time. 

I haven't found anything AMAZING recently, but here are a few quick iPhone photos of some tops I got from a charity shop a few days ago:

This is a waistcoat I found for £3, originally from TU @ Sainsburys, so it probably wasn't very expensive to start with.  I used to looove wearing waistcoasts when I was a bit younger, so this just bought back a few memories really, I can't wait to wear it worn undone over a loose shirt or something.

This pink frilly top was £4 and originally comes from Coast, somewhere I can't say I've ever shopped in.  I don't usually wear frilly things, but I'm determined to make this top work with some black shorts or something because I love the colour! 

This Abercrombie and Fitch top was just £2, and I bought it mainly out of happy shock that I had found a brand like this for so little money!  However since buying it and getting it home I realise that it's not actually the kind of top that I usually like, I'm not really a fan of logos or words on clothes.  So a great bargain but a bit of an impulse buy so this will probably end up on Ebay!

Those are the most recent things I have bought, not the most sucessful of hauls I've had but it's a start and I had fun trying! 



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