Thursday, 8 March 2012


Today I thought I would do another Instagram post, as I love using it and it seems to be fairly popular on the blogosphere haha.  The top pic is of two beaut notebooks I bought from Paperchase, I love all of the stuff in there and I always buy notebooks that are pretty, even though I hardly use them!  The second is my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet which is my pride and joy, the third is another pic of the nails that I have at the moment and can't stop looking at!  The fourth is me wearing far too many rings than is really necessary.  The fifth & sixth are photos from the charity cake sale we had at work to raise money for Sport Relief!  The seventh is a pic of the chinese buffet I had recently, which I loved but wasn't sure how many times was socially acceptable to go up and get more, so I sent the bf up a couple of times for me!  The last one is of my friend's cat that hates me.  I get sent one of these photos of him evilling me through the camera every few days, as a reminder of the fact that he is my enemy!  Hope you are all having a good day :) xx


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