Thursday, 8 March 2012

Guest Post: Spring Resolutions

Hi everyone, I'm Hayley and I can be found at normally but I'm doing a guest post here today :) My blog is a mix of things from make-up to book reviews and a mixture of other things.

The theme for this post was spring so I'm doing my spring resolutions. I am a lister. To do lists, to read lists, to blog lists. You name it I have a list for it. So every now and then I make some resolutions for a couple of weeks. I find that these will work better than new year's resolutions which can become a bit out-dated.

1. Bake More
My Grandmother bought me this cook book for Christmas. It is for 8 year old children but we'll just forget about that for a second. I love baking but I never do it often enough. Ideally I'd like to bake at least once a week but I guess it depends on how busy I am. Even though it's for children there are some good recipes I'd like to try including blueberry muffins, oatmeal cookies and fudge.

 2. Experiment more with pastels 
It's reached that time of year again when everything in the shops is either pastel or floral. Seeing as I'm not that much of a floral person I'd quite like to try out pastels though I'm not too sure how much it'll suit me as I am very pale. I do have a couple of pastel nail varnishes however that I plan on wearing a lot.

 3. Wear lipstick more
I used to love lipstick but now I hardly wear it, I'd like to get back into the swing on things and wear it most of the time. These are a few of my favourites.

 4. Wear more bright nail varnishes
I need to get rid of the winter blues and I plan on doing with bright nail varnish.

 5. Mix it up with my eye make up
After several busy weeks I've finally been getting enough sleep to have time for eye shadow.  I want to try and find some new looks using products I already own and maybe do some tutorials for my blog. 

 6. Do some major spring cleaning
This is my closet. My very full closet. A lot of these things are hardly ever worn and just really take up space. So it's out with the old and in with the new

 7. Wear pretty dresses
I love love love wearing dresses but if I wear them on normal days then I feel a bit overdone. So even though I love wear them I often end up wearing something else. So this spring I'm just going to think 'screw it' and wear dresses as much as possible.

 8. Learn a few more songs on my guitar
This is my baby, Sylvia. Yes I named my guitar. I just always feel that I could improve on my guitar playing. I'll have quite a bit of free time so it's the perfect opportunity.

 9. Put more effort into my blog
I'm quite proud of my blog but I just think it could be better, ideally I'd like to have more followers and a wider variety of posts.

10. Pass my exams
Well it is pretty important

So those are my spring resolutions :) Do you have any? You can find me and I'd love it if you could follow my blog. Big thanks to the wonderful Sarah for letting me do this post :) x


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