Sunday, 26 February 2012

NOTD: DIY Nailene gels

As it was payday Friday, I thought I would treat myself to these Nailene DIY gels.  In the box you get three little bottles of the liquids that make up the gel type thing, 48 nail tips and a file.  It was a bit tricky to do at first but once I had done a couple of nails it was pretty straightforward.  I learnt the hard way that gel takes a lot longer to dry than polish etc, so I had to start over again when I realised my not-so-dry new nails were covered in fluff and stuff!  But the end result was this:  

They are a bit messy, but that is my fault for being a rookie at this!  I really love how they look, not too different from how they would look if I had gone to a nail bar.  At £12.95, they are also a lot cheaper than getting them done professionally and for the money I think they are very reasonable substitutes.  You can choose between white tips and clear ones, depending on whether you want a french look or if you want to paint them.  They also feel really strong and I expect they will stay on for 1 - 2 weeks which is also pretty good, I would definitely recommend these.  Hope everyone has had a good weekend! xx


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