Friday, 12 February 2016


In light of my current spending ban (we won't talk about my little blip last week where I accidentally made an order on Space NK - I was ill so it doesn't count!), I have been thinking about little ways to make saving money easier.  A lot of my money goes on clothes and make up, and blogging is my main excuse for justifying so many unnecessary purchases!  As a blogger, I read lots of other blogs and see what everyone else has been buying and obviously want to buy it myself, and I also sometimes come out of Boots with new things that 'would be good to review' - I know, that's an awful reason to buy things! 
So lately I've been holding back and I thought I'd share a few tips on saving money as a blogger, because as I've been finding out, you don't need new make up to write new content etc.  

1. If you are a blogger like me, you will have a pretty big stash of make up.  If you spend some time looking through everything or sorting it all out, you will find things that you haven't used for ages or a forgotten gem that you love but just got pushed to the back as you bought newer things.  It's actually really satisfying to 'shop you stash', and they make good blog posts too!  

2. Save up your points on your reward cards.  The main ones that come to mind are the Boots and Superdrug cards; if you've been using the cards for a while then you might be surprised at how much your points are worth - I looked at my Boots points recently and found out that I had £25 worth, so it's great to know that I've got that there should I feel the urge to buy something while on this spending ban!  

3. Being a beauty blogger doesn't mean that you need to be reviewing all the new releases all of the time - I hardly ever buy products the moment they come out.  Some of my favourite posts to read are 'get the look', 'top 5...', 'favourite lipsticks' etc, which don't cost you a thing and are just as interesting if not more so than a review that 50 other bloggers have also written about.  

4. One of my favourite things about blogging is the prep that goes into each post - I love taking photos in bulk and looking at them/editing them all afterwards; often, if I'm feeling a bit uninspired I'll just snap away at various bits I find and then keep them for a later post, it really helps to look through photos and put together a post based on what you've got.  

5. If you've got a lot of unused make up in your collection just taking up space - have a blog sale!  The same goes for clothes, Ebay and Depop are great for making some extra money and it frees you up some space buy more things maybe?!

Let me know if you have any of your own tips for saving the pennies! xx



  1. I love this post and couldn't agree with it more! It's also a way to keep blogging budget friendly ;)

  2. So many good points here - saving up points on reward cards is such a good idea, I've just got myself a Boots one!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Im the same, i never really buy new releases either. I am trying to go through my makeup stash to try products i forgot i had.

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  4. These are great tips! I have so much makeup that I do forget what I have. I love shopping my stash for some blog post ideas!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. Such good tips! I am a student just starting out blogging so this is very helpful! Was thinking of doing different make up looks for different occasions too, as a post x

  6. Great points! I've been trying to save myself so have been buying high end make up that I really want from blog sales etc and have my own blog sale up to fund it! 1 in 1 out lol!


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