Monday, 16 November 2015


From top: Vengeance is Wine, Drive Me Navy

It's definitely no secret that Barry M is my favourite brand when it comes to nail polish.  I own a lot of their shades now and the Daylight Curing collection is probably my favourite by them yet.  
I recently picked up two new shades that I thought looked perfect for winter and Christmas; Vengeance is Wine is a gorgeous deep blood red that I have been wearing the most.  It goes on really evenly and two coats covers my nails evenly, and with the top coat on it is super glossy and doesn't chip for a good 3-4 days.  
Drive Me Navy is a dark blue colour, I've been loving all things blue lately and this is a beautiful deep sapphire shade.  Again, it takes just two coats to give a strong and bold colour, which is brought to life when the Daylight Curing topcoat is applied.  

I'd really recommend trying the Sunset Daylight Curing range from Barry M if you haven't already; they are a bargain at only £4.99 for a polish that looks as glossy and professional as the high end versions, and if it turns out that this finish isn't your thing then at least you've only wasted a fiver rather than much more if you had bought another similar brand! 

Do you like the Barry M gel finish polishes?  What do you think of these shades? xx



  1. These are really pretty! I just picked up dark side of the shroom but really love the vengeance is wine shade! xx

    Jessica Ann ♥

  2. The wine shade is just gorgeous, it's definitely perfect for this time of year!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  3. That red shade is gorgeous, it looks perfect for this time of year! x

    Megan |

  4. I've never tried Barry M nail varnishes before but they are so affordable and these colours look lovely xx

  5. I love Barry M nail polishes - I haven't tried this range yet though, sounds like they're really good though!

    Lucy |


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