Thursday, 16 July 2015

The One Where I Got The Chop.

So, I took advantage of my mum being around and asked her nicely if she would mind taking a photo of my haircut for my blog.  Which is all fine and dandy until I realise that she doesn't understand 1. my resting bitchface problem, and 2. cheesy grins are just not acceptable in blog photos!  So after much 'why aren't you smiling?  SMILE!' we ended up with a selection of photos, including the one above, of me half smiling-half looking constipated.  You're welcome!  

This is my new shorter hair, the shortest I have ever had since around 2005.  I was fed up of seeing damaged ends every day, so thought the best thing to do would be to have it all cut off and try again.  After a little telling off from my hairdresser (@ Gatsby & Miller in Harpenden - totally recommend it if you live anywhere near!)  about using straighteners with heat protecter spray that doesn't protect from that much heat, I learned that I need to treat my hair better and always read the back of products before buying them.  For example, I use GHDs to straighten my hair, which have 230 degree heat; so when buying heat protecter spray/cream I need to check the labels to see if it actually protects against that level of heat - if it doesn't specify a temperature at all then step away! 

I'm still getting used to having much shorter hair, but I love that I can try out a whole load of different styles now - beachy waves are holding much better, when my hair is long they just drop out after an hour or so!  

What is your current favourite hair style?  If you have any styles for me to try out on my new shoulder length hair then please let me know! xx



  1. Love your hair like this and can't wait to read more about the new style x
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Enter my £180+ Summer Giveaway here

  2. Your hair looks great!! Love the length.

  3. You look so lovely! This is such a chic length. Haha when I got my mum to take outfit pics she was like I'm not taking them unless you smile, who do you think you are Victoria Beckham? :') x

    Josie’s Journal


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