Monday, 30 March 2015

The #ArtyProject

So this is a slightly different post from me today!  A few days ago, I was reading through some posts and came across this one by the lovely Zoe.  It was quite strange as I have been feeling really like I've lost touch with my creative side, and especially with painting since I discovered photography a few years ago.  Zoe, along with a few other blogging girlies have come up with the pretty damn awesome idea of the bloggers #ArtyProject, where anyone - no matter whether they have any experience with arty things of not - can take part and create a project and final piece around a chosen theme every couple of months.  

I really love the idea of this, it's just what I need to start getting creative again; I'm even more excited because the first chosen theme is beauty, so I cannot wait to see what we all come up with!   

This is not a competition and literally anyone can take part, whether you paint, draw, take photos, sew or just want to try something new!  If you would like to take part (I definitely think you should. Yes you!), just drop me or one of the other girls a tweet or message.  You can tweet me at @simplysarahlou5 or email me at  

 At the moment the other girls taking part are: Zoe, Vicky, Annabel and Danielle.  I'm sure I have missed some out, so I will add to this list when I know! 

What do you think of this project?  Is it something that you would like to do too? xx



  1. I'd love to join! I love sharing arty stuff. I actually just posted an easy DIY for people who want to try something new! :) I'll be emailing you :) / creative + lifestyle blog

  2. Love this, Sarah :) very excited to have you on board! xxx


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