Friday, 20 March 2015


So this is probably the cheapest lot of make up I've ever bought, Make Up Revolution is a purse friendly brand that I haven't tried before - so at their awesomely cheap prices I thought I would pick up a few bits.  With a lot of self control I decided to stay away from there vast array of eye shadow palettes; I was ordering online and I thought I'd leave them until I had seen them in the shops, as I've had bad experiences in the past where the photos online turn out to be completely different shades in real life!

I played it safe with a blush, a highlighter and two lip glosses.  I chose I Love Make Up Blushing Hearts in the shade Candy Queen of Hearts, which is three pink shades that you blend together to get a rosy colour on your cheeks, and a Goddess of Love highlighter.  These were £4.99 each, which is pretty damn reasonable in my opinion!  The lip glosses I chose were an orange shade called Coral and a bright pink in Raspberry - and these were only £1 each, madness!  

My first impressions of the products as a whole are that they have really cute packaging, they come in a selection of really pretty shades and they seem to be good value.  I haven't given them all a proper go yet, so I'll save a review for later; however I'm looking forward to trying them out and hopefully finding some affordable dupes for some of my other favourite brands! 

Have you tried any of these products?  What do you think of them? xx


  1. The blushing hearts blush looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Rachel |

  2. I haven't bought anything from this brand but I keep seeing them pop up everywhere! The Blushing Hearts look insanely cute x

    Josie’s Journal


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