Monday, 9 February 2015


Having a nosey into bloggers' bags is one of my favourite kinds of posts to read, so I thought I'd do an updated look at what's currently in mine!  At the moment I am using my Zara Mini OFFICE CITY bag which is neat enough for work and has lovely gold zips and details, which I think goes really well with black.  The Michael Kors key charm on the side was bought separately from John Lewis - I love the gold lettering with little diamantes running through it!  
I'm currently using this bag with the removable shoulder strap, although it always slips down so I'll probably go back to using the bag without it on again.  

It kind of goes without saying that what is shown in the photo above is minus scrap bits like old receipts, loose change etc!  It's appalling the amount of receipts I stuff into my bag and hoard - I don't particularly want to reminisce about last week's lunch so there's really no need to keep these annoying bits of paper!  
My Ted Baker purse is my pride and joy; if there's one thing I'll always treat myself it's a nice purse, I bought this one around October last year and I'm still so in love with it.  I just really love the Ted Baker design with the cute bow clasp, vibrant pink colour and the neat floral interior design.  
I always carry my blogging notepad around with me now, so I can write bits down as and when I think of them, or when I get inspired etc.  This notepad fits perfectly into one of the side compartments of the handbag which is handy, and the design is super cute too!  

My 2015 diary is from Paperchase, where I try and buy all my nice stationary from since it's all so pretty!  This is a slimline one that's perfect handbag size and takes up hardly any room at all.  
My Kindle Fire HD7 was my main Christmas present this year, and it hasn't left my side since.  I use it to read on the go and use the internet etc, as well as watching videos and series that I download from Amazon Instant Video.  Reading using this is useful as it saves o much space in my bag, rather than carrying a chunky paperback around.  
I always carry a few make up bits with me - who doesn't?! - and at the moment I have a Maybelline Nude Sensational lipstick, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and Maxfactor Creme Puff powder, which I chose because it comes with a handy little applicator sponge. 

There is also a lipgloss in there too (a girl needs a choice, right?), which is Tanya Burr's Picnic in the Park - I really love the formula of her range.  
Another essential that I always keep on me is my hand cream, and at the moment I have got the Soap & Glory Hand Food with Sugarcrush scent which was part of a gift set.  Unfortunately I haven't seen a full sized version of this sold separately but I'm always keeping an eye out for it!  

So that is pretty much what is currently in my handbag!  Do you like these kind of posts?  xx



  1. Love what's in my bag posts and yours is one of them! Adore that ted baker purse! and gotta have hand food! <3

  2. Love the kind of personal posts, thanks for sharing! Gorgeous handbag as well! <3

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the ted baker purse, so pretty xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. Gorgeous bag! I have some of those same things in mine:-)

  5. I always shove receipts in my bag and find them all later! I love your ted baker purse, I have one but mine is donkeys old now and doesn't look half as bright as yours x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  6. I love love love your bag! So pretty. I got the Sugar Crush gift set for Christmas too and I'm gutted that I can't get a full size of the Hand Food from it x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  7. Love this! Your purse is so pretty. I have the full-size Zara city office bag and wished I had the mini as it would be a lot easier to carry. x
    Natalie - The Floral Republic


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