Wednesday, 21 January 2015


The nude lip trend is going nowhere anytime soon, and that is fine by me!  Nude shades are so wearable, and there are so many ones available now for all kinds of budgets and all types of skin tones.  As someone who is particularly pale, I used to avoid these shades because I thought they would make me look either more ghostly or like I had concealer on my lips!  Thankfully that is not the case, and today I've picked four of my favourites that are all different shades of nude but equally wearable.  

The first is a gloss, the Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss Cube in Nude Brown, and I go for this when I fancy a nude lip but want a glossy finish rather than a full on matte lipstick finish.  It is obviously quite a subtle nude, but the gloss is easy to apply and it lasts for quite a long time before I need to touch it up again.  

Next up is Topshop Saint, one of the first nude lipsticks I bought and have been loving ever since.  It is a creamy, pale peach colour that has a velvet matte finish that I've always thought is really similar to that of MAC lipsticks, for only £8.  This is also the nude that I go for when I have a slight (fake) tan, as it compliments the bronzed look well. 

A more recent favourite is the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Tantalising Taupe, which has got to be my pick of the high street lipsticks.  Apart from the lovely, more expensive looking packaging, this lipstick is of a really hight quality - it lasts for ages, has excellent pigmentation and is a great shade for fair skin.  The entire Nude Sensation range is really worth a look, it has all types of nudes so there really is something to suit everyone - or you could just be like me and buy them all anyway! 

Last but certainly not least is my special favourite - Tom Ford Spanish Pink!  This has had it's own post on here already so I won't go into detail now, but it is a really lovely shade that feels every bit the luxury product that it is.  This really was a naughty treat for myself, but I have no regrets, and wear it all the time.  

What are your favourite nude lipsticks? Would love some more to add to my collection! xx


  1. I don't own ANY nudes...this must change! My natural lip colour is quite dark so I find it so hard to get a good match. These colours look so pretty, the TF one just might be fave for the packaging alone! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I love a nude lip! Think I definitely need to invest in that Tom For one, its beautiful xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  3. Love the way the photos were taken, cute idea to use a notebook for swatches! X

    I posted a Harry Styles inspired outfit post, check it out if you're interested!

  4. Nudes are my favorite, so I'm going to look into Tantalising Taupe :)

    Emily //

  5. I really want that Tom Ford lipstick, everytime I see it I just want to buy it even more! Topshop's Saint looks beautiful too though!

    Lots of Love,

    What Abby Loves


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