Sunday, 18 January 2015


In my opinion, jewellery can often make or break an outfit.  If you're wearing something fairly simple, than a watch or necklace can make it pop and look complete.  I remember doing a jewellery collection post a long long time ago, and then more recently-ish a favourite necklaces post - and today I thought I would pick out my current go to pieces and talk about the types of jewellery I like to wear.  

In general I would say that my style falls into no particular category.  There was a time when I'd only wear something if it was black, lacey, netted and generally GOFFIC.  I'm not talking 5" black studded platforms and purple dreadlocks...more Doc Martens and leathers jackets and the like, you get the picture.  Then I developed an obsession with the sixties when I was around 17/18, and wore shift dresses and backcombed my hair (badly).  Then I decided that faux fur coats were the best thing since sliced bread and bought one for every possible occasion, in most colours.  Fast forward to now, where thankfully I've calmed my 'style' down a lot and learned that my clothes don't necessarily need to reflect the fact that I love Marilyn Manson.  However, in some way or another little bits of these past elements do show though still in my current outfit choices I think - I don't think I'll ever not love shift dresses and fur coats!

Anyway, throughout all of those questionable style periods of my life, I always loved OTT costume jewellery, from big rings to statement necklaces.  This hasn't changed, I still own all of those things, but now I've developed a love for gold/rose gold and finer pieces of jewellery - as shown above.  My favourite piece of jewellery that I wear every day is my watch, by Sekonda.  I love it so much that I once deterred my boyfriend from buying me a Michael Kors watch for Christmas (is that a punishable blogger crime?!)!  It's big enough for my stupidly boney wrist without being too chunky, and I just love the gold with the dark strip down the centre of it.  The other favourite pieces of mine that are shown in the photo are all more current favourites, and bits that wear nearly all picked up in sales.  I really love the delicate midi ring with three layers, which I bought from River Island.  I bought it back in the summer and considering I've worn it most days since and that it cost under £5, it has never discoloured and stained my finger that horrible green shade!  Strange but good none the less!  

I think that sometimes the simplest small piece of jewellery can really make a difference to an outfit, and even though I'll always love statement pieces, I think that subtle finer bits can pack just as much of a punch.  

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery?  Do you wear jewellery everyday? xx



  1. I completely agree, regardless of price it's always the pretty simple jewellery and I love your crosses necklace and the watch xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  2. I totally agree, and I am all about simple jewellery now, and it defiantly makes the outfit. Plus I find it more classy that OTT pieces!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I love that RI ring! I agree, jewellery can make such a difference even it's just something simple and subtle! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I totally agree with you that jewelry can make an outfit and transform it. I especially love statement necklaces and delicate, but intricate rings. I love those rings you've chosen!



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