Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Well, 2014 certainly flew by didn't it?! As another year comes to a worryingly quick end, I thought I would do a little post on some things I hope to achieve in the next year (aka resolutions - I just thought I'd see if I could find another way of saying it).  I'm terrible at keeping resolutions etc, so I thought that I would stick to blog related ones for now!  

1.  I want to keep improving my photography, and spend more time on it when I have free time.  I spent a fair bit of time and money studying photography from home so I didn't have to give up my job, and I chose to focus on portrait and wedding photography - so blogging is the first time that I've really taken still objects and I've loved practicing and seeing myself improve (old blog photos = cringe), and I'd love to carry on experimenting and improving it next year.  

2.  Some of my favourite posts to read are lifestyle ones, and I've been saying it for sometime now but I really want to start posting more varied, lifestyle type posts next year and branch out a bit from beauty.  Beauty will always be the main theme of my blog - Im too addicted to go back now!  But I am looking forward to planning other types of posts and writing some more varied content.

3.  I definitely intend on taking my blog more seriously from now on; not that I don't already, but I could be much better at planning posts and putting aside a good amount of time to spend on it.  It can be hard to find the time when I work full time and obviously real life is happening, but I love writing my blog so it's silly that I don't put aside a proper amount on time each week!  

So there are three of my blogging resolutions!  What are yours?  Link me to any similar posts! xx



  1. It has gone worryingly quick... its alway nice to have a new year and new plans though! Good luck with yours x

  2. I always love your photography - so clean and minimal :) They're all great resolutions! xx

  3. Lovely post, your photography is beautiful by the way! I'm also hoping to improve my blog photography in the new year, along with the majority of other bloggers haha! Thanks for sharing!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  4. Such beautiful photography and I truly loved reading your posts x

    Wishing you the loveliest of new years xx

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  5. Lovely post, I adore your photography :) I can't wait to see how your photography progresses through the year :) I really want to become more organised with my blog this year :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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