Friday, 10 October 2014


Boots: £22, George @ Asda

I love it when I come across something in the most unexpected place!  Who would have thought that while wandering through Asda craving some popcorn you could come across these fine looking boots?!  That is exactly what happened, my eyes fell on these and I couldn't believe that they were in the clothing section for only £22.  I snapped them up straight away and have been gushing about them to anyone who will listen ever since.  In my opinion they look more expensive than what they were, and like they would look more at home in somewhere like New Look or Office?  They are so comfy, and have woolly material inside them to keep my feet warm through autumn and winter.  I love the quilted style of them, and the buckles add that biker feel that always works well with boots.  

I've also got my eye on a beautiful teddy style coat that I saw while in there too - it's easy to overlook the supermarket for clothes and accessories, I know that I rarely even give them a thought, but after seeing what I did in Asda it looks like they have upped their game and could be giving places such as Primark a run for their money! 

What do you think of these boots?  Have you ever found a hidden gem in an unexpected shop?! xx



  1. These are absolutely gorgeous and such a good price, I have got lots of Tesco bargains but haven't been in Asda for a while so I need to have a look xxx


  2. What bargains! I agree, they look much more expensive than they were x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. I always overlook supermarkets for clothes and shoes, but these are perfect for the winter! Will definitely be taking a look this weekend :)

    Lo at Notebook54


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