Thursday, 7 August 2014


Shift Dress: BANK Fashion
Rain Coat: ASOS
Blue Kimono: New Look
Green Top: River Island
Floral Top: New Look
Jacket: River Island
Skirt: Topshop

So I feel I need to say that this clothing haul is not from one shopping trip, in fact there there are a couple of things there that I bought during my trip to Edinburgh which was a couple of months ago now!  I just thought I would share these pieces as they are the key things that I have picked up lately, and the ones I got most excited about.  

The pink shift dress from BANK Fashion looks pretty huge in the photo and almost like a moo moo (google Homer Simpson moo moo ;) ), but it actually is a fitted shape and very 60s.  I loved this the moment I saw it and I cannot wait to wear it on holiday.  The monochrome rain coat was an ASOS purchase and this was something I bought in preparation for Edinburgh: I was proved very wrong about what I'd heard about Scottish weather, as it was actually hot and sunny the whole time we were there so I stand corrected - sorry Scotland!  However I love the pattern on it and I will be taking it away with me this time around just in case - British holidays = unpredictable weather!  The kimono is from New Look and is navy blue, I can't wait to wear it with some shorts and a t shirt - the fringing gives it that festival feel too. 

The green top is from River Island, I am loving lime coloured things at the moment!  This top is so fresh looking and is perfect when thrown on over a vest top and jeans.  The floral top from New Look caught my eye because of the bright design and the sheer material stripes.  The sleeves are a bit longer than I'd like so I have adjusted them a bit to make them shorter than they are in the photo.  The jacket is from River Island and is my new favourite thing in the world!  The cropped fit is so flattering and the quilted style sleeves give it an edgy feel that will smarten up all kinds of outfits.  Lastly, the white skirt is from Topshop and is usually something I'd stay pretty clear of.  Skirts aren't usually my thing, I generally prefer dresses, but I spotted this in Edinburgh and just thought it was too cute to pass up!  

So there are my favourite recent clothing purchases!  What do you think of them?  What have you been buying lately? xx



  1. Loving the kimono! If you get the chance please follow my blog! X

  2. I am in love with the black leather jacket and the pink dress!!!

    1. thanks :) not getting much wear out of the dress yet, boo :(! xx

  3. I love that pretty rain coat I need to stock up on rainy day essentials xxx

    1. thanks, it's getting plenty of use right now hah! xx

  4. I love the rain coat. Although it is raining in Edinburgh right now :P
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. thanks :) the rain has definitely moved down here now haha xx

  5. So many nice things! I love the rain coat, such a pretty pattern x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. thanks, thought i'd get a pretty raincoat since I'll probably be wearing it the most out of everything! xx

  6. Great haul! I love the rain jacket - definitely needed over the past few rainy weeks!

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