Thursday, 28 August 2014


So today I thought I would go through my make up storage, as it has dramatically changed since the last time I posted about it and my make up collection has changed a bit.  As you can see I treated myself to the now infamous Malm dressing table from ikea; apart from loving it after seeing it pop up on a few of my favourite bloggers' posts, I also thought it was a bargain from Ikea at under £100.  The drawer doesn't come completely out which is a little annoying, but on the whole it is a great storage space and perfect for make up.  The tv has been on the wall for longer than that dressing table has been there, and as it has turned out, it's in the perfect position for me now to get my make up done whilst watching my favourite programs!  The cute cactuses are from a friend but I know that she bought them from Ikea, and the flower pot on the left is empty, also from Ikea, and acquired in the most bizarre circumstances ever, when it was handed to me as a drunken gift on a night out..!  The nail polish stand was an Ebay bargain, if you search 'acrylic make up storage' on their website you will find loads of them; I'm thinking of investing in a lipstick holder next.

Here it is with the drawer open.  I have a fair bit of make up, but by blogger standards it's nothing I'm sure!  At each end of the drawer I have put two plastic cutlery style compartments in, from good old Ikea, and the middle has nothing and is where I keep my palettes and box blushers.  

A closer look at my nail polishes - I keep my favourites in here and they are predominantly Barry M ones.  I once kept my make up brushes in that flower pot, then one day I lit the candle in the jar and it burnt/melted one of my brushes!  So now the pot remains empty and the candle remains unlit..!  

In this side I have concealers and highlighters in one section, primers and skin care bits & bobs in another, and lipsticks in the other two.  I know that this isn't the most organised way of storing lip products, and I will at some point probably get around to buying a nice acrylic holder for them, but this is at least some kind of organised chaos in my mind!  The main brushes, palettes and blushers I use are kept in the middle section which is easiest because they are all different shapes and sizes so don't really fit in any compartments.  

On this side I have mascaras and eye shadow pots in the top back section, a few odd french mani nail polishes front left, powders in front and my most used foundations on the right.  The back left is home to a few spare bobby pins and hair bands, and behind my box blushers are a couple of packs of my favourite false nails from Boots.  

Other randoms bits including skincare, haircare and lesser used make up products are kept in storage baskets in my wardrobe.

I love to have a nosey at other bloggers' storage so link me to yours in the comments!  xx



  1. So much neater and stylish-looking than mine! Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

  2. This all looks so lovely and neat! You're so organised, most of my make up is in a carrier bag...the shame! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Oh I am so envious this is literally the dream to have one day, I will keep creating pinterest boards and swooning for now ;) I have got some storage solutions bookmarked though xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    Can't wait to get my own place after uni so I have enough storage to dedicate a whole desk to make-up.
    Michelle x

  5. Oh my god!! Serious makeup, organisation and overall envy right now! I love this post. There's nothing better than seeing how other people store their beauty products x


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