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Soo... This post has been a long time coming!  I've been blogging over two years but I don't actually think that I've properly wrote about myself once in that time.  I'm not really that keen on talking about myself in 'real life', I much prefer to listen to others (caring/nosey?!) and this has also been the case on my blog - I stick to the beauty talk and occasionally add in a few extra life bits, but nothing particularly revealing!  However, after taking part in a blogger chat on Twitter last week, I realised that people, myself included, actually like to know a little about the person behind the reviews and selfies.  So here goes..!

I'm 24 (and a half, sob) and I work in the Human Resources department of a Supermarket.  I like my job a lot, but it can get fairly full on at times and I occasionally end up feeling a little more like a therapist.  One big perk however, is that it allows me to indulge in my stationary obsession.  I collect notepads that look pretty (Paperchase, obvs) and use the first few pages before moving on to the next.    

I love a lot of different types of music but my favourite is rock, particularly classic rock and grunge.  I'm not a big fan of the emo scene of the 00s (sorry not sorry), and I dislike 1D and Bieber (again, sorry not sorry).  A few of my favourite bands are Pearl Jam (if you haven't heard Eddie Vedder's voice then go listen, it's dreaaamy), Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies, and I used to have a little obsession with Marilyn Manson, although that's definitely died down a lot these days - not a single black netted item of clothing in sight!  I'm no music snob though - got no time for that shit!  

If any of you are left after reading that part, then yay!  

I am 5 foot nothing, I cut my own hair (cheapskate!), I eat too much crap and I worry for about 60% of my day.  Not in a distracting, life ruining way, but I do worry about anything and everything.  

I have a boyfriend and a dog (both of which do get the odd mention on here!); I met my boyfriend at work and he reminded me a bit of how I imagined Harry Potter -book version- to look without the glasses (I know, I don't even).  We got our dog Rocky after around 4 months of being together, which was generally considered too soon, but 2 years later we are all still here and happier than ever.  Ugh how cringe was that last bit hah!

I love scary films, and love to watch anything ghost related.  I watch films and then promptly log onto IMDB to analyse it and get my fill of nerdy movie trivia.  I'm that annoying person who will tell you where I recognise other actors from whilst watching them in something else.  

I dress for myself at all times and try not to follow any 'rules'.  Looking the same as everyone else is my idea of hell and I would describe my style as a bit of a mixture of things, but one of my work friends and I try and live by the idea of always dressing your best.  This most likely is because we spend so much of the week in a uniform, so by the time the weekend/time off comes then I'm desperate to put on some nicer clothes!  

My sense of humour is hard to describe, I wouldn't say I'm particularly sarcastic or blunt or anything because that can get so annoying!  My best friend is probably the only person to 100% find the same things funny as me, and since we were young we've often made up our own 'characters' and sketches and filmed them on my retro 80s camcorder.  I've made a mental note to write more as I talk on my blog, so this humour will probably start to show through a little more, beware!

I'm quite a positive person despite being a worrier, and even though I well and truly had my stroppy teenage years, I would like to think that I'm a pretty different person these days - I blame old age!

I'm running out of things to think of for now (plus there's an episode of The Tudors calling me - another not so guilty pleasure), so I might make this a series type post and do another instalment of myself next week, what do you think?! 

If you made it this far, let me know and give me a random fact about yourself :) xx



  1. haha oh my god your like my bf who researches everything about actors/films and then proceeds to tell me!!! And I can't believe you cut your own hair it looks lovely xxx

  2. Aw I love finding out about other bloggers! Plus, not many of us like classic rock. I must admit I used to like emo music but now I have mellowed out a tad, it was just a phase :P I love your blog, can't wait to read your next posts!

    Emma Louise xx


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