Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hey!  I hope you are having a good week whatever you have been doing; The most exciting thing that I have done so far is order a rain coat from ASOS!  I can't wait until it arrives, I treated myself to it with the excuse of that the English summer is unpredictable and I need to be prepared for rain..not that I needed an excuse - I would have bought it anyway!  

I thought I would do a post on my favourite glue on nails, which I use a LOT.  After wearing acrylic nails for quite a while recently, I got a bit fed up with how quickly they would start to grow out and how often I would find myself booking in for infills.  I have used these glue on nails many times before, and I decided to try them again in an attempt to save myself some money.  turns out it was the best nail-related decision I've ever made!  I'm so happy with how they look that I can't see myself swapping them for anything else in a long time.  

They come in a little box that contains a large variety of sizes, so there's some in there to fit every one.  I have fairly small nails so I'm glad there are plenty of nails that fit them.  They come with a nail glue too, you only need a really small amount on either side of your nail for them to stick really well, and by not putting the glue all over then you are preventing a large amount of nail from becoming damaged.  Obviously no kind of false nail is going to be amazing for your nails, but the way I see it is that if you want to wear them then do: you can't do anything drastic to them as you would be cutting them often anyway! 

They claim to last up to seven days, and this is probably a little optimistic but I'm currently on my fifth day of wearing them, and they still are looking good and showing no signs of coming unstuck.  This was a different story in the past when I did a more practical job: knock them about a little bit or stack a few shelves with them on and you with end up with just the thumb nail left!  But these days I'm sat on my fat ass at a computer much of the week so I'm sure this has an effect, don't expect them to last longer than 5 days - but at around £8.50 for 200 you really cannot go wrong.  Nail polish also applies amazingly well on these, it goes on evenly and to me just looks much better than on my natural nails. 

I recommend them if you don't want to commit to acrylics but want your polish to look amazing and even.  The polish I'm wearing in the photo is Barry M Gelly in Rose Hip, my current favourite! 

Have you tried these glue on nails before? xx


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