Wednesday, 26 February 2014

4 Spring Trends That Keep Coming Back

Hello!  So a bit of a different post from me today, I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while so thought that today was as good as any!  I always make sure I buy the September issues of all my favourite fashion mags, but spring is a different matter.  I have noticed for a good few years now that the spring trends seem to stay roughly the same, with a few little tweaks here and there to freshen them up! 
Sports Luxe:
This ‘trend’ is the one that really does bug me!  I have literally seen this silly name splashed across spring editions for years, with collages full of light jackets and vest tops with different types of neck!  A thin jumper with some skinny jeans and canvas shoes?  That’s me comfort dressing every day after work, not an innovative way of dressing for warmer weather!  This is the lazy trend in my opinion; there will always be the usual colourful bomber jackets and slouchy rucksacks available in summer, so I think the time has come to stop dressing them up by sticking the word ‘luxe’ in and try something new! 
I have nothing particularly against this trend, I like a good navy striped tee as much as the next person.  But there is no denying that this high street favourite hangs around spring/summer like a bit of a bad smell.  I don’t think nautical has actually been featured on the spring/summer catwalks for a few years now?  Yes it’s lovely if we are lucky enough to head to the beach during the warmer times.  Do we need shops encouraging us to dress like Captain Birdseye?  No we don’t. 
Floral:A quote from the Devil Wears Prada sums this trend up nicely: ‘Florals in spring?  Groundbreaking.’  To be fair, this isn’t even a trend anymore, it is quite the unspoken rule that the start of spring means we can all dress in lovely feminine dresses and brightly patterned tops and shorts.  I love floral prints because they actually can be very diverse, there is often something for everyone’s taste.  From digital prints to oriental flowers to vintage patterns, the trend is always reinventing itself and remaining wearable yet interesting and feminine.  So to sum up, I am letting this repetitive trend off!
Ibiza:A trend that occasionally disguises itself by changing the name to ‘Miami’ or ‘St Tropez’, it is always recognisable as the one that caters for the holiday makers who are heading somewhere hot.  The key items here are often a neon bikini, a neon piece of material to throw on top of said bikini, and a white strappy top with neon slogan along the lines of ‘ONE TEQUILA TWO TEQULA THREE TEQUILA FLOOR’ on it.  As someone who usually holidays here in the UK, I can safely say that I have never ventured into this particular familiar face of spring/summer!
So there we go, a bit of a random but also light hearted take on the spring trends!  Let me know if you agree/disagree! xx



  1. I'll have to admit that I do follow the floral and nautical trends but I hate the Ibiza trend, who ever thought neon orange and pink would look good?! xx

  2. Haha I love this! You're right, it's always the same trends that come around again and again. Maybe the nautical trend is my fave, not the anchor stuff but I love a good stripy tee! xxx


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