Thursday, 16 January 2014

MAC | Creme Cup

I think what I’m about to say may make me a bad blogger but…I don’t own many MAC lipsticks!  I think that in general paying £10 + for a lip product is a bit silly, as they all come off at some point and sometimes you just pay for the nice packaging etc.  However, having a little Christmas money left over can do funny things to a person, and at the weekend I found myself shopping in Westfield and passing by the MAC shop.  I was tempted to try their Face and Body foundation, but decided on lip stick that I could wear every day at work etc.  Creme Cup is a nude, dusky pink shade that gives the effect of my-lips-but-better.  The pigment I have to admit is fantastic, although I still stand by my belief that Topshop lipsticks are identical to MAC in their pigmentation and finish, just as good in my opinion!  The formula is nicely moisturising and the finish is sheer and velvety.  I definitely don’t have anything bad to say about it, apart from the price which makes me think that MAC lippies will remain an occasional treat for myself!  I do think that there are some make up products worth spending the extra money on; for me these things are skin care and foundation, so while I really do like this shade I don’t think I will be ditching drugstore lipsticks just yet. 
Do you love MAC lip products?  Have you tried this shade? xx
Sarah x


  1. I love creme cup, it is one of my favourite everyday shades :) xx

  2. This has been on my wish list for ages. I really need to bite the bullet and buy it!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. I've nominated you for 'The Liebster Award'!


  4. Sometimes you do just have to treat yourself! I love dusky pink lippies, they make me look a bit dead though instead of giving that 60's Alexa Chung look haha. By the way I bought that Miss Manga mascara, love it! xxx

  5. I do love MAC lipsticks but I still buy drugstore too :)
    Crème Cup is one of my favourites!


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