Monday, 11 November 2013

Review | GOSH Brow Kit

Hey!  So one thing that I can never ever leave the house without doing is…my brows.  I can (at a push) go to the shops etc. wearing no mascara or make up in general, but one thing that I always have to do is make sure that my eyebrows are looking their best.  I believe this brow paranoia stems from my teenage years, where I spent much of them plucking my eyebrows to within an inch of their life, leaving no more than a couple of strands.  Why did I think this was a good idea?  I looked like an alien and I still cringe whenever I look back at old photos and see the gaping void above my eyes.  So, as a result I now make sure that my brows look the best (and the fullest) that they can.  It is a bit tricky,  because annoyingly my brows are a much lighter colour than my hair, and also they have never recovered fully from my repeated torture of them all those years ago, so they are a lot thinner and never grow back properly. 
So in comes the GOSH Brow Kit.  I am always experimenting with different ways and products that help to create full, thick looking brows, and usually opt for a dark brown eye shadow.  This little kit caught my eye because it is cute and the perfect handbag size. There are three shades of brown shadows in the kit, and a brow wax to keep the shape in place.  I have been going for the darkest shade, as it is closest to my hair colour and gives a good, rich colour without looking too fake.  I love that there are three shades, because you can choose between them or even blend a couple of them together to create a shade that’s a perfect match.  The colours are really pigmented, and I find that I only need a really small amount to cover my brow and create a deep, full look. 
The palette is compact and comes with a good sized mirror, I have been keeping it in my handbag since I bought it and I always think how it looks more high end than it is.  I have been a fan of GOSH Cosmetics for a long time now, and I think they are really underrated, I am a huge fan of their make up brushes and also their nail polishes, which come in gorgeous bottles and a wide range of shades. 
The bold, thick look that I go for with my eye brows isn’t for everyone, but if like me you like a full on power brow (ha!) then I recommend you give this little palette a go, it gives good results for a really reasonable price. 
Have you tried many products by GOSH?  Are you a fan of thick brows?  (how many times have I said ‘brows’ in this post?!)


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