Thursday, 7 November 2013

OOTD | H&M Coat & Disco Pants

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Coat: H&M
Top: Primark
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Hey!  I’m back after another break..!  Not really a deliberate blogging break as such, but life keeps getting in the way of my posting in both good ways and bad!  I’m back now though and one good thing about not posting for a while is that I come back with some fresh ideas that I can’t wait to blog about. 
This is one of my two new coats, the other being from Primark.  I really love this one as it is pretty smart with clean lines and a simple shape.  The leather-look collar bits are what made me give in and buy this, I just think that they break up the design and make the coat look extra nice, if it was one material all over then it most likely would have something that I would take no notice of.  It dresses up the most boring of outfits, and is a bit of a change for me because my general rule is if a coat has no fur then it isn’t worth a second glance!  I have a backup fur jacket anyway, so it’s good to have something completely different for me.  The top is from Primark, and is one of many of things in there right now that looks far more expensive than it actually was.  If I saw this top on someone else, I would guess that it was from Topshop or even Zara, so I’m really happy to have found it for only £10.  The collar is leather-look, as are the sleeves and the main part is a really sheer, feminine style that again makes an outfit look that bit smarter.  I’m also wearing my beloved disco pants, I really have got my money’s worth out of these babes I really couldn’t love them any more; and the fact that they slim my thighs down is fine by me too! 
The only thing getting my majorly down right now is my hair…it’s is so frizzy and nothing I use on it works for more than half a day!  It’s frustrating because I don’t even have naturally curly/wavy hair which naturally has a bit more frizz, so any help or tips would be really really appreciated! xx

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  1. I love your coat, looks like something out of Zara...good old H&M! My hair gets frizzy this time of year, I find coconut oil really helps if I leave it on the ends for an hour or two then wash it out xxx


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