Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review | Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio

Hey!  My posts have been a bit lacking lately due to working odd and different shifts every day, so here is a review of a new lipstick that I bought a couple of days ago. 
It is ‘Rio Rio’ by Topshop, and it’s a bright, bold, matte red with warm orange tones in it – I’m totally in love with it!  My usual colour of choice is coral, but I have a little collection of reds now and this one fits in nicely.
As always with Topshop’s lipsticks, the pigmentation is fab, it is a really rich colour and as soon as I apply it there is a good covering that doesn’t need a lot of building up (depending on how bold you like it). 
It is a matte colour, which looks nice and sleek.  I love both matte and glossy lips, but I would say that I probably own more glossy, high shine colours so this was a welcome addition.  I think that matte shades are a little more wearable for day time make up in general, so I think that this will definitely be worn a lot over the course of the summer! 
The name ‘Rio Rio’ is very apt for this lipstick – it is a bold shade that wouldn’t be out of place at a summer carnival, and wearing it with a lovely bright outfit is a must I feel!
Have you tried this lipstick?  What shades are you loving right now? xx


  1. I love this it suits you so much! Looks really pretty with your blue eyes if that makes sense haha. Deffo need to try a Topshop lippy, can't believe I still haven't tried them out! xxx

  2. That colour looks beautiful on you!! Just lovely. Do you know, I am yet to try any Topshop make up?!


  3. Hey found your awesome blog via Luchessa's blog hop :) Loved it ! And you look stunning with this lip color !


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