Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review | Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

Hey :)I hope that you all had a good weekend and a bearable Monday!
Last week these bronzing rocks by Seventeen because they were only around £4 and I remembered using bronzing pearls before and loving them.  I have to admit that Seventeen is a brand that I often forget about because of a bad experience I once had with a lipstick that had no pigment.  But they caught my attention again recently when they rebranded from ‘17’ to ‘Seventeen’, which I think was a great idea for them. 
I went for bronzing pearls rather than a pressed powder bronzer because in my opinion the finish is nicer and I prefer a more sheer finish than a matte one.
I have been trying this product out for just over a week now and I am seriously impressed!  I am a little ashamed to say that I wasn’t expecting tooooo much from this as I’ve never seen anyone else review it and because of the bad experience with a lipstick in the past I was a bit reluctant.  I have been applying it with a big blush brush to areas of my face that would naturally tan (if I did ever tan.  Which I don’t)and it goes on really nicely and evenly.  There is a mixture of bronze and light pink pearls, and they create a lovely light but buildable glow.  They are perfect for my pale skin, it blends really well and if I want it a bit darker then I just put a little more on and it doesn’t look cakey or fake at all.  I love to have a dewy finish on my face, and I have been using this with my new Clinique foundation and it goes with it perfectly; it doesn’t ruin the look by making it go all matte and more importantly it isn’t glittery so doesn’t leave my face looking like I’m off to a junior disco back in the 90s! 
I can see this being a staple in my daily make up routine throughout the summer, I really like it and I’m so pleased/relieved that it blends well with the rest of my base products!
Have you tried these bronzing rocks?  Do you prefer these or a pressed bronzer? xx


  1. I can't remember the last time I used this form of bronzing, but these look super cute! I'm going to have to experiment! Great review lovely.

    Megan xxx

    1. thanks :D yeah deffo give it a go! x

  2. I don't actually use bronzer but these look seriously pretty!

  3. These sound so nice, I have a pressed one and I'm not very keen x

    1. my last pressed one really let me down too x

  4. I so need a bronzer, I like that this is good for pale skin! The only trouble is I'd be sooo tempted to crush them all, I don't know why haha xxx

    1. I never thought of doing that..until now! xx


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