Friday, 26 April 2013

OOTD | Like a moth to a flame

Like a moth to a flame-The Funeral of Hearts, HIM
Dress:River Island (old)
Bag:Linea @ House of Fraser
Hey :), these photos were done in a bit of a hurry because I just wanted to showcase my beloved new bag!  I didn’t hang around long enough to check my camera was properly in focus so the photos aren’t that great, plus I never get them how I want when I’m doing outfit photos because I don’t have a remote because usually I’m behind the camera myself and adjusting it myself.  This is why I much prefer taking photos of make up products for my blog, because I can take as long as I want focusing them and getting the depth of field just right, but for photos like these it’s on with the timer and running round into position and hoping for the best (sooo professional).  I guess I will have to invest in a remote at some point if I’m to continue with outfit posts!    
A small confession now: I changed out of this dress as soon as I saw the photos.  I didn’t realise how short it was, so I quickly went and opted for something more boring and decided to leave this for a night out..maybe!  I bought it last year for a date night with my boyfriend and I definitely do not remember it being that short then!  Growth spurt perhaps?  Or not.. 
That’s it from me really, I shall let my bag do the talking :)! 
Do you have the same problem as me when doing outfit posts? xx


  1. I love the dress but I see what you mean about it being quite short. As a tall girl(I'm pretty sure you are too right?) I find that if I buy tight fitting dresses they always end up looking short even if they aren't supposed to be :( x

  2. I always have the same problems with outfit posts! Can never find the right light, angel or focus :( Your bag looks great though! xx

  3. I love that bag so much - it looks giant!!!


  4. I love the outfit. I think depending on the occasion the dress may not seem that short. And obviously your bag looks absolutely stunning and such a great colour.

  5. I love your new bag! Looks like you can fit loads in it!

    Also I have the same problem with the camera, I really need to invest in a remote too, because it's just too much of a faff without one isn't it!

    Charlotte x


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