Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review | Percy & Reed Finishing Polish

Hey!  Excuse yet another change in the layout of my blog, but I get bored very easily and I also got a little carried away playing on some free photo editers – they’re more fun and less fiddly than Photoshop, especially for blog photos.  I’ve changed the background that I use to photograph products on too, I just thought that this one is brighter and more colourful!  I like how I’ve arranged it for now, I can’t imagine wanting to change it anymore but who knows!  Please let me know what you think of it :)
This ‘finishing polish’ by Percy & Reed was a free gift in last month’s Glamour magazine.  I remember that it was also a free gift in the same magazine around this time last year and I used it then and absolutely loved it, I’m not actually sure why I didn’t blog about it at the time! 
I use this by squeezing a small pea sized blob (or more depending on hair length) onto my hands and rubbing it between my palms because warming products like this up a little always helps to get it evenly distributed through my hair.  I use it from the mid lengths down to the ends of my hair to create texture and to hold it there, a bit like wax but not as thick and sticky.  It creates a bed head, messy waves kind of look, and to set it all in place I just use a little hairspray but it really does hold well on its own. 
Another good reason to rub this in to your hands first is because of an unfortunate accident that involved a blob not being blended in properly, which got stuck in my hair.  I ran my hand through my hair some time later and it caught on the clump of hair that the hardened blob had tangled, and so ensued a whole world of pain that was only rectified after a lot of squeeling and peeling apart of sticky hair.
I’ve never actually bought this product alone, since both times I’ve had it it’s been as a free gift, but I really recommend it if you like a messy bed head look or just want to add some body to your hair.  Have you tried this or any of the other Percy & Reed products? xx


  1. I hope the magazine is still available, this sounds like a fab product :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

  2. :(((((((( I missed out on this, I'm always up for a bit more body in my hair! I love the new look blog as well, so pretty! xxx


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