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Review | Moisturisers I’ve Used Recently

Moisturisers I’ve Used Recently
Hey!  Today I thought I would review some moisturisers that I’ve tried lately, because I found that I have bought quite a few in the last few weeks which is outrageous to me as a regular person but really quite normal as a blogger.  I’ve never spent so much money on make up as when I started reading blogs!  Now I can’t even go anywhere without coming back with something, even if it is just one of those £1 face masks!  When it comes to make up I try to stick to high street for most things apart from foundation, which I always spend a little (a lot) more on.  There are a lot of high end moisturisers out there that have lots of great reviews written about them every day (Origins I’m looking at you), but I’m trying my hardest to stay away from them so I have been trying out some bargain creams from the high street.   I have combination skin so that is why these creams are all fairly similar in some ways. 
Nivea Pure and Natural Soothing Day Cream (around £4):
I bought this moisturiser because the ‘Pure and Natural’ part sold me and also because I’ve used Nivea body products since I was younger because it is a great help when you suffer from eczema.  This cream is pretty inoffensive, it does the job of moisturising your face nicely and sinks in quickly.  It leaves my skin soft and makes a great base for the rest of my make up, and the smell is gentle and not too fragrant.  There’s nothing bad about this product to me, it isn’t as oily as some of the other creams in the Nivea range, like the classis cream in the blue pot, so it doesn’t break my skin out, but I would say that out of all four of these moisturisers this one is oiliest…if that makes sense..!  The only thing that has stopped me using this up and wanting to repurchase is that it doesn’t have any UV filters or spf, which is important especially if your foundation doesn’t have any either.
Garnier Moisture Match, Dull Skin (around £4.99):
This has been the biggest disappointment to me unfortunately, I expected great things from it.  Because of how pale my skin tone is with pink undertones and general unevenness, it is quite dull and pasty looking so as soon as I saw that this product was especially for that I picked it up.  I have been using this for two weeks and I can confirm that there is no change what so ever to my skin and it has even broken me out in spots all over my t-zone :(.  It may be that this is not ideal for combination to oily skin, but the gel like consistency did sink it quickly and didn’t feel oily to me.  This also didn’t leave my skin feeling particularly soft, it’s hard to describe but it just didn’t have the texture that a cream has, and also no spf once again.  I haven’t tried any others from the new Garnier Moisture Match range, so i can’t say if they are any more effective at what they do.
Garnier Hydrating Day Cream (around £2):
This is a moisturiser that I have reviewed before in my everyday make up post.  I love everything about this product; it goes on well and is lovely and creamy without being oily at all, it sinks in straight away and creates a nice smooth base, and it feels light and not like it is clogging or too rich.  As I said previously, I would use this much much more if it contained an spf, but it doesn’t because it’s a bargain £2ish and I really really wish it did because otherwise it is perfect for my skin :(.  I would definitely recommend this if you don’t worry as much about spf yet, or if your foundation has it in.
L’Oreal Triple Active Light Moisturiser (around £4): 
This is a moisturiser that got put in my make up drawer and then got forgotten about for about a month.  I bought it on offer in Sainsburys because my trusty No7 one had run out and I couldn’t afford another, and I am really pleased I did because this is pretty damn great!  It has the uv filters in it which is great and much of a relief to me, and it leaves my skin really soft and hydrated without making my stupid t-zone oily at all.  It leaves a silky matte finish which is what I like, and it makes putting foundation on much much easier for some reason, and I also find that that I only need a little primer on top of this in some areas where my pores are large or my skin is uneven.  I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a bargain moisturiser that does everything that a higher end one would.  Unless I find myself with a lot of spare cash to splash out on something else, I will definitely be repurchasing this and think that it is great quality for the price. 
What moisturisers are you rating right now? xx
Sarah x


  1. Haha yes blogging makes us poor! I wanted to try that Garnier Moisture Match one for Dull Skin but I probably won't bother now! I'm the same as you though, I like things with spf in them (not that we get any sun in the UK!) xxx

  2. I was going to try the dull skin one but I won't after it broke you out eeek! Hate when that happens. In using an este Lauder one at the moment and I'm really hoping to find a cheap alternative! I always like something with SPF too :) not that we ever get any sun.....


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