Thursday, 21 March 2013

OOTD | London Calling to the Underworld

London calling to the underworld- ‘London Calling’, The Clash

Dress: Boohoo via charity shop
Kimono type thing:Topshop via charity shop
Hey everyone :).  This is the second of the two dresses I was lucky enough to pick up in my favourite charity shop the other day.  This one is originally from Boohoo, and the photos really do not do it justice!  It is soooo soft and silky, the underneath layer is deep blue silk and the top layer is a sheer soft material with little owls all over it.  The owl print sold it to me straight away as I love animal printed clothes and I thought this one looked quite different and cute.  The kimono thingy (so good at describing as ever :) ) is from the same charity shop but from quite a while ago, and this is the first time I have ever worn it!  I The sleeves on this dress let it down for me because they come just over the shoulders and are in a puff ball shape which remind me of a 90s prom queen or something, so they had to be covered immediately.  I found this in my wardrobe and threw it on to see what it looked like and I’m still pretty undecided about it.  I don’t know if a kimono style is my thing or not so for now it shall only serve as a cover for the dresses sleeves until I fix them into a nicer, much less puffy shape.  The dress also comes in at the waist and creates a lovely feminine shape so this is another reason to fix the sleeves so I can wear the dress alone without anything covering it. 
Again I think that this is another piece that i could probably take from day to night if I put it with the right shoes and accessories!  But I cannot wait to loose the tights and wear it in the summer if we’re lucky enough to get one! xx
Sarah x


  1. That dress is gorgeous - love the print!

  2. Love the dress and the kimono - well done on finding them in a charity shop!!



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