Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OOTD | Wherever I May Roam

Wherever I May Roam – Metallica
Top: Republic
Leggings: Topshop
Heyyy!  After just over a weeks blogging break I am back!  Last week was just too busy and the majority was spent stressing over the wedding shoot I did in between shifts at work, but luckily the week ended with a meal and drinks with some friends from work which was just what I needed by then!  It was technically supposed to be a Christmas meal that didn’t actually happen at Christmas because we were so busy then too and everyone thought that someone else was organising it, but anyway it happened finally last Saturday and we brought along Christmas crackers too which drew some pretty disapproving looks from other people in the pub, but I did enjoy walking through the tables to the bar in my party hat looking back at various staring people with a look that said ‘why AREN’T you wearing one of these?’, looking back it was a little cringe..!
Anyway it was also payday a few days ago so I naturally went shopping!  I went into the Republic sale and came out with this jumper, I don’t usually go for tops with logos or motifs on them but I can stretch to one that only says ‘XOXO’, although when I wore it at the weekend my dad asked why I was wearing a jumper that said ‘oxo’ on it! (That’s some kind of gravy brand for anyone who is unfamiliar with it)
The leggings are from Topshop and must have popped up as part of the whole monochrome trend that’s everywhere right now.  The photo doesn’t do them justice (boyfriend took it, I saw that the angle makes me look like a lollipop but still smiled a pained smile and said thanks, bless him), they are sooo comfy and I’m glad they’re leggings rather than jeans or trousers because I think they look best this way.  I don’t buy anything just because it’s ‘on trend’, but any trend where one of the main colours is black is fine by me!  These leggings will go with loads of things in my wardrobe and I think they will become an old favourite very soon. xx

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas meal! Haha that's such a dad thing to say as well. I love your leggings, anything tartan is my fave! xxx


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