Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NOTD | Rimmel Pro ‘Beige Babe’

NOTD: Rimmel Pro ‘Beige Babe’

Hey everyone :)  Compared to my last NOTD which were sparkly and lovely, this nude nail colour is fairly boring!  However I am now working every day until Sunday so this rather plain colour reflects that.  I do like this old favourite colour, nude is always a smart colour on nails or clothes, and I put on some falsies first as well to make them look a bit nicer because my real nails are short and ugly!   With the falsies you also get a nice square shape which I always prefer over the oval shape. 

I like Rimmel Pro nail varnishes because of the bigger and flatter brush you get with them, which makes it so much easier to apply and quicker too. 
Just a quick post today, have a great day whatever you’re doing :) xx

Sarah x

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  1. I like Rimmel Pro too, for the exact same reason! Gorgeous colour.



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