Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OOTD: No Chump Love Sucker

No Chump Love Sucker

Shirt: Primark
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: Next

Hey everyone:)  I hope you all had a good weekend!  On Sunday I got a new camera and I’ve been playing around with it ever since!  The photos on this post were taken using it, but thanks to the poor poor lighting and the fact I have to take all my pics alone using remote or 10sec delay they don’t do it justice at all :(.  Soo jealous of the bloggers who have someone to take their photos for them, I asked my boyfriend to take some once but they didn’t make it to my blog post and I politely suggested he should stick to football from then on.  But he tried! 

This outfit is pretty simple/boring.  Looking at the photos now I’m realising that I’m not as much of a fan of these collars as I thought, well not on me anyway.  It just isn’t something I’m usually seen in, and doing collars up and stuff just isn’t my thing really, so I’ll have to find a more casual way to wear my shirt from on!  

The random post title is just a song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which brings me to the sad sad story of my itunes – it’s lost all my music!!  I’ve never come across this before, my songs just won’t play because apparently itunes ‘cannot locate’ them :(  So this is absolutely devastating and I have found myself doing something I’ve not done in aaaages – putting cds into the cd player!!
Sarah x


  1. love the colour of the jumper! Omg my itunes did that once! Hated it! Had to reload all of it, took soooo long! xxx

  2. I think the colour looks great on you, but I feel the same about them they're not really my thang. Love the colour of your jumper! Sorry to hear about your itunes too, how annoying xxx

  3. I like the colours and the collar of the Primark blouse is pretty. I can't do the 'top button done up' thing either, being a bit big-chested I need the oh so flattering v-neck!! :)

    Tres annoying about your iTunes, hopefully you're re-discovering some old favourites whilst playing your CDs though!!


  4. Haha so true about boyfriends taking photos! I've not even bothered asking mine because he is not into photography in the slightest! ;) love your jumper xo

  5. so beautiful!


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