Monday, 19 November 2012

OOTD | NOTD + 10 Day Challenge | 3 Films

Top (worn underneath): New Look
Jumper (old): Topshop
Leggings: Topshop
Ring (Part of set): Topshop
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Watch: River Island

Hey everyone :).  It’s been a while since I last posted again, oopsy.  My excuse this time is that I was ill with a fluey type thing, and my throat was horribly painful and blah and I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than watch Friends all day every day!  I’ve also attended puppy classes with Rocky, who was generally quite good compared to the other pups there, except that when I walked away from him (less than 2 metres) he cried EXTREMELY loudly, and I was mortified!  We missed the rest of the lesson after that because the teacher wouldn’t let us continue until he had stopped.  This embarrassment was increased 100% by the fact that a certain actor who plays a certain Footman in Downton Abbey was also there with his puppy!  So I’m trying so hard to act cool and unconcerned in front of him but my dog just didn’t seem to care for some reason..!
Anyway, the outfit.  It’s a really really boring outfit today, I took these photos just before popping out to do not very much, so hence the scarf.  I mainly just wanted to show my nails, which I’m making the most of before I have to remove it all again for work :(.  The pink is Rimmel Pro in Show off, and the glitter is from a Pound store.  I really like the Rimmel Pro collection as the brushes are bigger and flatter than normal ones, which makes it much easier and more precise to apply.  They last a good few days before chipping too, and this candy pink colour is my current favourite, it just makes a nice change to wear a bright colour rather than the standard autumn/winter shades all the time. 

3 films
1. This is sooooo difficult (and how long am I taking with this whole thing – 10 days my ass!) but anyway, one of my favourite films is The Devil’s Rejects.  It’s a verrrry brutal horror film by Rob Zombie, and I first watched it because I was already a fan of his music.  My favourite genre is horror, and this film is one of the most graphic I’ve seen, but despite this there is a really good story to it, unlike some films which exist just to shock!  It has an amazing soundtrack too (think american rock/country anthems circa 1975, hello Lynryd Skynryd), and the best movie ending I’ve ever seen.  I would definitely recommend it, but only if you like this kind of film!  

2. Grease!  Couldn’t be much further away from the first film I picked, but hey-ho!  I have soooo many memories relating to this film, including a ‘re-make’ that my friends and I made in year 9 on a video camera.  So cringe looking back, but SO cool at the time :).  I have seen Grease hundreds of times, it just always cheers me up and it has one of my ultimate style icons in it – Marty!

3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  This film is amazing, Jack Nicholson is perfect in it and it’s completely timeless.  I have sooo many more films that I love, I picked these three because they are literally the ones that came into my head first!  xx

SimplySarah x


  1. You look stunning!!! :D

    OOo One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is so good!!!

  2. cute nails sweet! Love the jumper too xxx

  3. I love One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, makes me cry every time. Is it wrong that I have a little crush on the young Jack Nicholson? Yeah, is a bit ain't it...

    SHUT UP I am sooo jel that you saw someone from Downton Abbey! Massive fangirl. Who was it? I don't know their proper jobs in the show haha to me they're just either lazy rich people or servants.

    I hope you're feeling much better now :( xxx

  4. Love the simplicity of this. Your nails look great.


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