Friday, 13 July 2012

Beauty Post Friday | 2 | Fake Tan for Fair Skin

Heyy everyone!  So this is my second beauty post on a Friday and I thought I would do one on some fake tans that I have used.  Being a lighter shade than pale is usually something I try to make the most of, but it is very hard sometimes and a lot of the time I just want to look a little healthier and maybe even like I've been outside in the last 34385459 years!  I especially feel like this in the summer, particularly after last year when I came back after a really hot and sunny holiday and I looked no different AT ALL apart from some minor sunburn on my shoulders.  So since then I've stepped up my game to find the right tan for my skin tone!  I've tried a fair few but the ones I'm going to review today are the most recent and probably the most affordable.  

As you can see from the name of it, Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs is specifically for your legs!  The consistency of it is kind of like foundation, so it's a bit like putting full coverage make up on your legs.  It costs around £9.99 and I will definitely be buying this again because it gives instant, natural medium tan, you can see where you're spraying it which is good for me because clear sprays always end badly with some light areas and some mega dark!  It covers any marks or veins you have, which is also just what I need because being so pale I do tend to have so veins which show up which reallllllly annoy me!  I would definitely recommend this is if you want an instant colour that washes off at the end of the day, it's so easy to apply and I think the result is fab too.

This is L'Oreal Sublime Bronze dry mist, which varies in price depending which store you get it in and what offers are on, though it is the most expensive one I've bought.  This sprays on and dries quite quickly which is good, but it is clear spray and  quickly got confused, sprayed places I had already sprayed anddddd well you can guess the result!  This is more my fault for being a rubbish self tanner so I think I want to keep trying with this product because the colour is really nice and natural looking.

This one is Superdrug's own brand Solait, which is around £3.99.  This is a mousse and is coloured so yay you can see where you're putting it!  This is really easy to apply and washes out, the only set back was the colour, which I thought was okaaaaay but not as natural looking as others I've tried, but I still think it is good value for the money.  

St Moriz has been getting fab reviews from bloggers I've noticed, but again I had trouble with the application because it's a mist!  I've only used it once and it went horribly wrong but I'm determined to keep trying until I get it right, because this is so cheap and actually has a really nice colour, and I would think that it is a good substitute for other more high end tanning brands.

Dove Summer Glow is my all round favourite!  The packaging may have changed now as I bought it last year but I'm not sure?  You put this on like you would a body moisturiser, it takes a little while to dry so you have to waddle around awkwardly for a bit but the result is worth it!  It leaves a light tan that is buildable and the right colour for very fair skin like mine.  The consistency of it obviously means it leaves your skin moisturised and soft, and the one and only thing that lets it down from being perfect is the smell!  It has the dreaded biscuity smell that gives away the fact that you are wearing fake tan, but I usually find that if I put some other moisturiser or perfume on then it covers it quite well. 

Well they are some of the tans that I have tried, and though I've found a couple that I really like and use over and over, I'm sure I will still be trying other ones at some point! xx



  1. This is such a good post! I'm a ghostie too and find it hard getting fake tan right. I've just started using that Dove one, I love it! I even used it on my face and it came out with no problems at all (way better than that St Tropez thing haha!) xxx

  2. i usually don't mind be fairly pale and get pretty tan in summer naturally but i would be scared to try and get it all uneven ahha



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