Tuesday, 12 June 2012

OOTD: You fit me better than my favourite sweater


Oh myyyyyy I cannot believe how long it has been since I last blogged!  I'm very ashamed and have no real excuse apart from that things have recently got so busy (in a good way) that when I've actually been home then all I've bothered to use my laptop for is to catch up with various things on YouTube!  

But I'm back now so it's back to business as usual..so to speak. I hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee weekend (remember that?!), I was working myself, but I was fortunate enough to glance longingly out of the windows at the street party :|  I'm choosing to celebrate it now by watching The Tudors boxsets again, Henry VIII was king for a fairly long time and got up to some interesting stuff so it all counts right?  Plus Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hotter than the queen (no offence Your Maj) so...  

Anyway back to the outfit, I'm only showing the top half because it was NOT a good day for my legs apparently!  They looked so worringly wobbly that I put down my carrot cake in shock and did a quick bit of cropping (true story).  The top is a kind of crochet (?) type of thing from Republic, I love crosses and things like that right now and I just thought it was something a bit different and ideal for layering over other tops.  
Anyway, it feels soooo good to be back and I'm now going to continue catching up with everyone's blogs, I've missed keeping up with them but I'm really enjoying having so many different ones to read! xx

P.s, BlogLoveTherapy are on their 16th blog hop, check out their                           fab blog xx




  1. I like your top, it's really unusual. So happy you're back blogging! xxx

  2. This might sound a bit random but I love your eyebrows x


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