Friday, 30 March 2012

OOTD: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Dress:Charity shop

Hey everyone, hope you have all had a lovely week and got to enjoy some of the beaut weather!  Today was a day off so I made the most of it by trying to be as summery as I could.  I found this H&M dress in a charity shop the other day for £4.75 so I was welllll chuffed with that!  The top is one I've had for a while, and one of only a handful of things that I've ever bought from Matalan, but it's a lacy crop top that can be put over anything really to just make it look a bit more interesting or different. I would like to say that I'm wearing some symbolic or expensive bracelet on my wrist, but alas, it's just a hairband (lol @ my awkward hand).  There's only one photo because it's the only one that looked remotely ok!  I'm sticking with the wavy hair thing still, as well as being fairly summery and very easy to achieve, it also works if you decide to have it up or down.  I had a lucky shopping day today, and came back with some scarf print trousers from River Island that were half price, which made my day because I had been planning to buy them without knowing that they were now in a sale!  I also got a purple lace dress from H&M (looks nicer than it sounds, a playsuit also from River Island and some converse shoessss.  Photos will follow when I wear each of these things, but I had to mention them now because I was so pleased with them!  This happiness will be short lived however when I get round to checking my bank balance and realising that I've once again gone too far! xx



  1. You look absolutely gorgeous :)The trousers sounds really cool, can't wait to see them in a post x

  2. Love, love, love that top! I really want to pick up some lace items for spring. You look gorgeous! And by the way, I passed the Cute Blog Award onto you, see my blog post on it for more details. ^^

  3. Your hair looks amazing here- lovelovelove wavy hair :) And the dress is so feminine and pretty xx

  4. You look so pretty! That's such an amazing bargain xxx

  5. Cute outfit and I love your hair hehe!



  6. Love this outfit! And DOUBLE loving what band you used for the title ;) xxx


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