Monday, 5 March 2012

OOTD, Bloglovin & Fishtail Plait

Black Lace Top: Debenhams
Crop Shrug: Republic
Necklace: Accessorize
Jeans: Topshop
Coat: Topshop

Hey everyone, today was spent doing what I do best - shopping!  I will post photos of what I bought in my next post after I have tried it all out!  
Nearly all of what I wore today were sale items that I bought quite a while back, apart from the coat and necklace which were full price at the time.  I found this mini shrug in my wardrobe and forgot how nice the ruffle detail is on it, I'll definitely wear it more because it's the sort of thing that can smarten up any outfit or make a plain top a bit more interesting/pretty!  The necklace has been a favourite of mine for ages now, so much so that gold has gone a bit coppery, but luckily it doesn't notice that much just yet.  

Whenever I want my hair up and I have enough time to do it, I always go for a fishtail plait, because I personally prefer it to a regular plait and it keeps long hair out of your way just as well as a standard ponytail does.  I've sometimes turned it into an evening style by putting some long extensions in and making a really long fishtail, it saves you a few bathroom trips during the evening-you don't need to check if it's still in place because it stays as it is all night!  

I have also joined Bloglovin', because I've read a few things about GFC closing or something (?) and I know that it is quite popular among bloggers.  I think I have done the button up there properly ^^, so if you are on Bloglovin' then please follow me :D 
Also, thanks so so much to everyone who already follows me, means so much :') 

Hope you have all had a great day! xx



  1. I agree fishtails are a great alternative to a plain pony. Wish I had extensions!

    1. you should try some! I've bought from Ebay before and they are great for making a new style with xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous like this! Your top is really pretty too xxx


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