Monday, 6 February 2012

OOTD: Teenage Kicks

Firstly, I couldn't post without including a few standard snow pics! 

Now I've got those out of the way, I shall resume usual service with an outfit post..

Dress (worn underneath):Topshop
Jumper: Topshop via Ebay
Belt: H&M

The photos are from yesterday when Faye & I went roaming around our little village with our cameras.  It was really good fun, although we didn't really have a choice of anything else to do because snow = stranded as far as our village is concerned.  The outfit is from today though, and I apologise for the bad lighting, it just wasn't on my side today :(.  It was also a bad hair day, so I tried to put it up in a backcombed ponytail but that didn't really work out either so I gave up on it!  I have had this coat for ages, but completely forgot about it until I noticed it at the back of my wardrobe, it was a bargain £10 from a vintage store and I'll be wearing it a lot more now I've re-discovered it.  The bottom half goes outwards in a 50s style which I love as it automatically gives you curves.  This is the style of the black Topshop dress too, but you cannot see it as much because of the jumper.  The jumper is a crop style which I chose so that it would sit on the waist and create a bit of shape, and the belt is there to emphasise this.  But the main reason for the jumper here is because I was too cold not to wear it!  Hope everyone had a great weekend whatever the weather was like! 



  1. Really like how you have paired your jumper and skirt, looks proper ace! Great photography also. The lake looks wonderful.

  2. Love this outfit so much it's so pretty!!

  3. You are STUNNING. Did you know your skin is porcelain? and I'm totally loving this outfit. Def something I'd wear too.

    found the route


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